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About Ourselves and The Oscar Kilo Dx Group


Greetings fellow Dxer's. Welcome to world of Oscar Kilo Dx.  I am Andy (26 OK 001) from Scunthorpe and live on the n/e coast of the United Kingdom in the county of Lincolnshire, England.  I am 40 years old and married with 5 children.  I have been operating on 11m band now for 24 long & happy years. & have found many good friends along the way.

Dean (2 OK 001) is from California and is just a little older than myself.  Dean is the one with much greyer hair than me, hi hi !!  He has just recently been married & has 6 children, a real cool chap.   I have known Dean for almost four years.  In fact, before we formed this particular DX group we had worked together in other groups and had become best of friends.  It was because of our passion  for radio, the internet and our friendship that we worked so well together, that became the basic foundation for which the decsion was made to create and develop a new dx group for the 11m band.

For  those that don't know myself & Dean, on a personal level, we are truly hard working individuals who are both dedicated at pouring our hearts and souls into this organization.  Our only desire is to insure that the OK DX members enjoy the radio, the internet, and the group of individuals that have been the cornerstone of this relatively new organization.  We truly promote worldwide harmony and friendship using all the tools at the group's disposal with only one real goal in mind, to be recognized as a premier leader during the next peak of the 11 year skip cycle.   It was the grass root efforts of myself and Dean along with the help of two other very brillant and extremely talented individuals that saw us all roll up our sleeves in an effort to charter a new group, get it functioning, do some advertising and begin the recruiting effort.....that was when ……… Oscar Kilo International Dx was born, January 8, 2004.

We are very happy to announce that we are now active and online with four separate and unique websites along with a "Yahoo" mailing list that is exclusive for our members.  It hasn't been at all easy, there have been many sleepless nights, long days that have proven to be a  real challenge, designing and printing both club and personalized qsl cards, distributing specialized certificates to each new member, creating personalized welcome letters, building custom logbooks, making new and unique OK DX T-shirts, fun little add-ons that are found only at our club and much more that it is hard to list them all.  We had to learn all about terms like html, ftp, javascript, webhosting and php all so that we could turn blank computer screens into organized looking things called  websites and mailing lists for both members and prospective members to enjoy.  It took alot of hard work, many hours, countless new words that we added to our vocabulary, and now are beginning to see some of the fruits of our efforts paying off.  Almost every day now, we are getting messages or requests about the OK Dx Group.  We get numerous compliments about our group but the one thing we are most proud of are the positive comments about our members.  After all it is the "member" that really makes this group function, it is they who we are most pround of as if it were not for them non of this would have mean't anything.  It is to our members that we tip our hats to and say 73, thanking each and everyone of you for your support and believe in what we are trying to accomplish together. 

However, the nice thing about all of our members is that they always put the organization in front of what their own personal desires are. This is what is necessary in any organization to achieve success! Whether it is a DX club such as this or a multi-billion dollar corporation, the principles are the same.  My self & Dean would like to say thanks to our Members, those that kept popping in & out, during the early months as we were just getting started to those that are with us now, we believe in you and have faith that it is you that will help continue to drive this Dx Club forward into a successful future. 

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank our other two brothers in the Oscar Kilo Magic team. Mr Jean-Philippe (New Caledonia), the official QSL Manager & Director French Divisions & Mr Rolle, our Official Webmaster & Director for Sweden. With out their help & dedication to Oscar Kilo Dx, we would not see it as we do today.  Their hours of assistance, drive, guidance and knowledge helped us form the basics in which we built upon.  They insured that we got off on the right food and remained focused as we all put our combined efforts together as one making the launch of the organization go quicker and smoother. 

Please, we invite you to browse our websites.  We hope you will find many things of interest to you and by all means stop by now and again to check up on us.  Oscar Kilo Dx group is but a mere 31 months old as of August 2006, so please let us know what you think, remembering that over the cold dark winter nights I am sure you will have seen many new changes as we progress and move forward.  Please be sure to sign our guest book & pin your qth & message on our guest maps so that we know that you have been here.  Comments are always welcome as they are helpful as we consider changes not only in the way we do business but also how we interact with our members and quests as well.  

We look forward to some great dx cycles and some interesting opportunities for our group in the very near future. Our only hope is that we can continue in the same direction as we are headed today, so that we can become a familiar call on the "air".  If you require any further info on Oscar kilo dx group please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Oscar Kilo Magic Team.

Thanks for your time, you all take care & don't forget to come back again soon.  Best 73,  Kindest regards to your Families from the OK DX Group and the HeadQuarters here in the United Kingdom

Bringing the next generation of radio hobbiest together, as a group, to be heard in a professional voice on the 27 mhz band.  May the Dx Gods find your antenna array and your next contact be your finest !!

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Membership Benefits in OK Dx

*20 Printed Official OK Dx Qsl Cards
*Laminated OK Dx Log Book Cover

*OK Dx Official Year Calendar  OK
*Dx List of DXCC Countries w/ extra data
*Pop3 Email Addresses with your own OK Dx Callsign
*OK Dx Log Sheet for your log book
*Official OK Dx T-shirt (specify size)
*Assigned Club Membership Number

*Acceptance into OK Dx Members Only  Mailing List

*Acceptance into OK Dx Special Club Events
*OK Dx Qsl Manager for Dx Activities

*Other OK Dx Items as Announced

Oscar Kilo International Dx Group

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