Greetings & 73 To All Members!
Recently, OK Dx Headquarters has received a numerous amount of inquiries concerning Qsl Cards and the availability of them for each division that we currently have members in. 
First, I am really quite excited about the idea that many are being so active and are in the need of cards to confirm the contacts they have been making.  Recently, I had a rather unique opportunity to work 14 OK 010 (Mr. Eric) via a link from the station of Andy (26 OK 001).  Essentially, while at my home in Northern California I reached Andy's Qth via the internet and then was patched thru Andy's transceiver allowing me to broadcast RF into parts of  Europe.  This was a very unique contact using current technology at its finest, I would never had been able to make the contact alone as propagation just hasn't been favorable at all from the West Coast of the United States to Europe.  So I thank Andy and Eric for the chance to make the contact, I am sure for any of those that were able to hear me, they were scratching their heads wondering how a ''2" division call was managing such a strong signal into Europe when there where no openings between Europe and the United States...hi hi !!
However, back to the subject at hand. 
In order for OK Dx Headquarters to print enough division specific cards that would be available for small lot purchases by members it would cost a significant amount of money upfront for the club.  To give just a small understanding of the magnitude of those costs, I would like to illustrate for you using a current "SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL OFFER" what the cost of printing Qsl cards for all of the current division where we have existing members, remembering that this doesn't include the cost of shipping them to any particular destination or even getting them to the HQ from the printer.  Also, again remember that the costs here in this illustration are representative of a limited offer special promotion currently being offered by "COOL QSL", the printing company used by OK DX and many other dx groups because of the quality of the final product produced.
Source = COOL QSL   * Official provider of Qsl for OK Dx Group - Pricing and different options are available - visit the site for specific details.  I highly recommend this so that you can see for yourself the multiple types of cards produced, what groups use this company, and to see if you can spot any of the cards done for our group. 



 1000 QSL - 40 euro
 2000 QSL - 70 euro
 3000 QSL - 90 euro
 4000 QSL - 115 euro

NOTE: It is necessary to add shipping prices for all cards from Poland to OK Dx UK HQ and then to each individual's Qth who is requesting them
Presently we have members in 20 division and OK Dx is growing almost daily.  However, just using the current 20 divisions as an example this will give you an idea of what those costs would look like today, a snapshot in time.



 = 1000 QSL - 40 euro - 20 Divisions

 = 20,000 QSL - 40 euro 

 = 800 euro or 1023 US

Oscar Kilo Dx Group runs as a non-profit group, essentially what that means is that all the costs associated with hosting of web sites and anything provided as a "Free" member is absorbed by the "Magic Team".  Those that have chosen to become paid members do so, however the cost of that membership, which is minimal and a one time fee,  is consumed in the package of items they receive and the cost to ship those items to the member requesting them.  Their are no extra funds kept anywhere that will be able to fund the cost of 800 Euros or just over $1000 US to print cards that members may purchase or they may not.  Remember also that this does not include the cost to ship some 20,000 cards to the UK and hold them until such time someone requests them and they are then paid for and shipped out, perhaps 50, 100 or 200 at a time.  There is always the chance that not all members will like the particular card that has been chosen for their division and thus will choose to have their own printed especially because it allows them more flexibility along with the ability to put their own call signs, addresses and any other information they feel is important to them.
Therefore, it has always been the decision of the "Magic Team" NOT to get into the business of printing and selling division specific qsl cards.  We have however in the past printed some "Club Cards" that we have made available for a small price to our members as these are much easier to move and are not such a big commitment in terms of an outlay of money is concerned by the "Magic Team".
In summary, if there members within a division that are interested in obtaining division specific cards we would be more than happy to provide those individuals within that division the email address of all the other members in that division.  Then all the division members would be free to contact each other and decide exactly what they want, how many each member would like to order, have one member from that division act as a spokesperson collecting the required amount of money for purchasing/shipping and preparing a master list of all the details.   The OK Dx Headquarters would be more than happy to submit a couple of suggestions in terms of designs for the qsl card and even submit the order after all the money was collected on behalf of the spokesperson.  I refer you to the CoolQsl website for instructions on ordering and paying for the cards all which is necessary prior to any Qsl Cards going to print.  The HQ could either distribute the cards or send them to the division spokesperson to do the distribution depending on how and what arrangements had been agreed upon.   The other obvious solution still remains the one that most choose, ordering their own cards specialized them to their own liking, having the OK Dx HQ in the UK assist in the design and if need be doing the ordering for them. 

Just remember that there are specific quidelines one must follow should any member wish to design and print their own OK DX Club Cards
I would refer any member to the Basic Rules/Guidelines Webpage that addresses Qsl Cards specifically before anyone begins this process on their own.  It essentially requires that all cards be pre-approved first by the "Magic Team" if they are to be used for OK DX purposes and use the OK Dx name, logo or anything that represents the group after they are designed, before they are printed, and by all means before they are distributed for Qsl purposes.
We are only bringing this idea and concept to the attention of the members.  Again, this is because of the number of requests we have received lately for division specific cards.  It not that we are opposed to the idea it is merely a matter of economics.  As a non-profit group, most of what we offer is of no cost to our members.  We want to keep it that way as we believe strongly that there is no reason that our founding concept should ever change. 
In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions we would love to hear them.  Just either email Andy, Dean or JP with your thoughts and we will be happy to consider anything that is reasonable and doesn't involve a large investment of money from anyone.
Thanks for your time, patience, and consideration.
Andy, Jean-Philippe, Dean & Rolle